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Not Your Room

Out Now

Director/Writer- Corey Ringsell

Starring- Helen Austin, Ed Griggs

Crew- John Crane, Connor Norman

Agamid Studios Debut Short Film


Recent Awards

Greatest Achievements

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Best Mobile Film

March 2 2022

"Not Your Room" Was selected as 'Best Mobile Film" at the Europe Film Festival in March 2022.

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Special Mention

February 18 2022

"Not Your Room" Received a Special Mention at the 1st Monthly Film Festival in February 2022.


Helen mae Austin


This is Helen's first appearance in an Agamid Studio's Production


Ed Griggs


"This was a very fun experience and I enjoyed stepping into my role within it, along with experiencing the character develop. I'd like to mention how easy it was taking direction from Corey [Ringsell], I enjoyed working with him."
Ed Griggs


Corey Ringsell


"I am very excited about sharing my first short film with everyone. I cannot extend my gratitude enough to those who have been involved in making this project. This film will take you on a thought-provoking and thrilling journey. Watch this space!"
-Corey Ringsell